Innovisk’s global underwriting platform sits between capital and risk, providing a nimble response to this evolution of the insurance industry. At our heart is a partnership of capital, technology and talent.

Our Services

Innovisk has created a hard-to-replicate platform to provide better communication and access for clients and brokers, using technology which can collect more granular data. This data can be modelled both traditionally and predictively to enable Innovisk to deliver more bespoke products and pricing for the risks at hand.

We offer entrepreneurial talent the central support to realise their ambitions and think differently about risk; using technology, data, analytics and other tools.

I’m an underwriter, why Innovisk?

We are a partnership in name and in substance that:
  • gives you the opportunity to build a business locally or across multiple geographies,
  • invests in the technology, data, modelling and capital management which enables you to combine your experience, reputation and relationships with deep analysis of risk, so that you can design and innovate both at the distribution and product end,
  • offers a structure where all the business management needs of a smaller enterprise can be accessed by leveraging broader expertise across the larger platform.